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Q, Why should I cover my garden furniture?

A. In order to get the longest life out of your garden furniture, it should be protected from the elements. Most of the commonly-used furniture materials, particularly wood, some metals, and upholstery are prone to weathering and deteriorate faster with exposure to both sun, rain and wintry conditions. Covers are an ideal form of protection and they will also help keep furniture clean from dust, pollution and bird mess.

Don’t forget to protect barbecues, chimeneas, patio heaters, parasols and log stores as well.

 Q. What type of cover material is best?

A. Garden furniture covers are normally made from either polyester or polyethylene.

Polyester covers are made from strong heavy woven material and so are more durable. This material is also more flexible and often have double stitched seams, so are less likely to rip in high winds. They often have a PVC backing or other waterproof protection and also have UV protection for longer life. 

While polyethylene covers, a hard wearing plastic, are cheaper and effective at keeping out the elements, they may not last as long as the material can degrade more quickly in the sun and is less robust in high winds.

High quality hard wood garden furniture may benefit from a premier breathable polyester fabric.

Q. Do I have a choice of colours?

A. Traditional green covers remain the most popular as they blend easily into a garden environment. However, there has been a growth in classic black covers with the Bosmere Storm Black range, Gardman Premium Black and Garland cover products. In recent seasons, other colours have also appeared, such as grey and brown.

Q. What about the fit?

A. There are a wide range of covers and sizes – so make sure you get one that fits! Measure your furniture and check the sizing to the product listing as general descriptions ‘large’, ‘medium’ and ‘small’ or ‘4 or 6 seater’ may vary in size by make of furniture or cover. Covers that fit well can also reduce the risk of wind damage to the fabric.  

Covers usually come with eyelets with ties or fasteners to secure them, but extra security can be provided by bungee cords.

 Q. Are covers the only thing I can do to protect my garden furniture?

A. In addition to covering garden furniture, consider moving items inside during the winter, or if that’s not possible, then to a more sheltered location. Garden parasols should not be left out in the wind and over the winter. 

At Oasis Gardening we sell a wide range of covers for all your outdoor living needs

We stock well over a hundred different covers from the leading manufacturers including Bosmere, Gardman, Garland, La Hacienda and Draper.

These include patio furniture covers - from bistro to extra large patio sets; garden table and picnic table covers; bench, chair, conversation seat and sun lounger covers; hammock covers; barbecue, patio heater and chimenea covers; parasol and rotary line covers; and log store covers.

So whatever cover you need for your outdoor living products, we have a wide range of sizes, brands, quality or colour - all at low prices. Just take a look at the Garden Store page on our website for our full range.

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