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Q&A - Garden Obelisks

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Q.  What is a garden obelisk?

A.  An obelisk is a tapering column or tall plant cage and usually has a decorative finial on top. They are most commonly made from wood, metal or plastic. They are sunk into the ground to provide support for climbing plants, or can be used solely as an ornamental feature.

Tom Chambers Obelisk

Wooden Sage Obelisk GP026

Q. How would I use an obelisk in my garden?

A. An obelisk provides structure and can add height to an otherwise flat garden.  They can be used in borders to train climbers, or as one or a series of focal points throughout the garden such as a self-contained smaller bed in a lawn area, or in large decorative pots on a patio or on either side of an entrance way (as shown in the Smart Garden York obelisk photo).  

York Obelisk

5052020 York Obelisk - Insitu - High Res

What factors to consider when buying an obelisk?

Q. What material and style?

A. Obelisks are normally made of wood or plastic/powder coated steel. Cheaper versions are made from plastic, willow or cane.

When choosing an obelisk you need to think about the style of the obelisk and the setting it will be in. For instance, a wooden obelisk would complement a more rustic garden (Smart Garden wooden obelisks) and can often look more monumental (Tom Chambers Sage wooden obelisk). Black metal obelisks look classical and fit well into most gardens (Gardman Classic metal obelisk 2m), but you can also choose more ornate versions (Gardman Versailles metal obelisk).  

Smart Garden Wooden                                 Gardman Classic                          Gardman Versailles

5054003 1.9 Woodland Obelisk Sage                 07705 Classical Gdn Ob                  08260 Versailles ob

Q. What height?

A. Obelisks usually range from about 1m to 2.2m in height. Choosing the right height for your garden depends on a number of factors such as the space you have in the garden and how much of a feature you want to make of it - taller obelisks tend to look more imposing. You also need to keep the obelisk in proportion with surrounding structures such as buildings and hedges. And don’t forget to get the right height for your climbing plants, so they have room to thrive but don’t look overshadowed.

Q. What price?

A.  It depends whether you want a cheap functional stand for climbing plants or a more attractive longer term ornamental feature. Smaller is often cheaper – but not always. We sell good quality tall obelisks at low prices.

Q. How to care for an obelisk?

A. Wood versions can be used straightaway but will benefit from painting or staining long term. If you choose a wooden obelisk tie a small plastic jiffy bag to each of the feet to protect the wood underground as long as possible.

Metal obelisks are more straightforward but can rust over time if the protective coating gets damaged. If this happens the damaged area may need touching up with black paint.


Obelisks make an attractive feature in most gardens. So no matter what the size of garden, there is an obelisk to suit your needs.

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