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6 Steps to Giving Your Greenhouse a Winter Clean

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Gardman GreenhouseHands up who of us religiously give our greenhouses a good clean out every year? No, me neither.  But I've pledged this year to make sure I do just that and now is a good time to get on with it - especially with the weather across most of the country meaning we can't get out into the garden at the moment. Good greenhouse hygiene is essential for healthy and successful plants, so here are six things to do to get your greenhouse ship shape for the new season ahead:

1. Remove all the clutter from inside the greenhouse. Once everything is outside promise yourself not to return anything that isn't absolutely essential, so sort through it and bin anything that's broken, out of date and generally useless. If you're overwintering tender plants, choose a mild spell to empty your greenhouse completely. Cover the tender plants or take them into the house, if necessary.

2. Remove any insulation such as bubblewrap that you may have up against windows & doors. Brush down and clean the greenhouse framework and staging to remove cobwebs and loose debris. Sweep the floor and remove the debris completely from the greenhouse.

3. Greenhouse panes will need cleaning both the inside and outside. Using a bucket or warm water and disinfectant, along with a sponge, cloth and long handled window cleaning tool, clean the glass to maximise light levels. Thoroughly wipe over every pane with the disinfectant solution to soak and scrub off dirt. Make sure to use a stable platform or stepladder to reach the higher up panes.

4. Wipe down all surfaces inside the greenhouse, such as staging, with the disinfectant solution.

5. Start to move everything outside (after sorting out) back into the greenhouse. As you do so, makes sure all pots, propagators and other equipment are all cleaned with disinfectant and rinsed, before putting it back in its proper place.

6. Finally, tackle the outside, checking your gutters for collected leaves and debris, brushing it out before it clogs the downpipes. Also empty out water butts and clean out any accumulated dirt in the bottom, then put them back into place.

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