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10 Seeds to Sow in February

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TomatoesWith February continuing to be a total washout, and you've followed our six step plan and got your greenhouse spick & span, make the most of it and start sowing your seeds. February is a perfect time to make a start as the day lengths become longer. Here are just a few ideas on what you can make a start on in February:

Sweet Peas - Traditionally, many people recommended soaking these over night before sowing in order to soften the tough outer casing. You can do that, but in my experience I've not found it necessary as long as the compost is nice and moist. Put three seeds in a 7.5cm pot filled with seed compost.

Salad Leaves - For early summer harvesting, sow now into seed trays of damp seed compost.

Tomatoes - Similar to Sweet Peas, I typically sow three seeds into a 7.5cm pot before subsequently thinning out the weaker ones when they germinate to leave the strongest plants to grow on. Alternatively, you could sow a single seed into each pot and grow them all on.

Chillies & Sweet Peppers - Sow a single seed into a 7.5cm of damp compost.

Leeks - Similar to salad leaves, sow into seed trays full of compost and doing this month will provide you with early crops to harvest.

Onions - Fill the cells of a 40 cell modular seed tray with seed compost. Into each cell pop a single onion seed for larger onion bulbs, or in twos or threes for smaller ones.

Seed trays and 40 cell insertsBroad Beans - Similar to onions, use a 40 cell modular seed tray and place a single bean in each cell, or alternatively, sow a single bean into a 7.5cm pot.

Peas - Similar to Sweet Peas, sow two or three seeds into a 7.5cm pot, which allows for one or two not to germinate and for the weakest plants to be culled.

Carrots - These can be sown now directly into the ground where you wish them to grow. Only issue will be that the ground will still be cold, so to warm up the soil and provide protection from frosts, place a cloche over the seeds.

Brussels Sprouts - If you want to grow your own sprouts for the Christmas table, late February is the time to get them going. Similar to carrots, sow them in rows under cloches or inside a coldframe  

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