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Garden arches can have a part to play in many garden designs and with arches coming in many sizes, designs and materials (such as metal garden arches & wooden garden arches) they can have many different uses within a garden.

Most often, arches are used within a garden as an entrance. This can be an entrance to the garden itself, or often they can be used to create transitions between different areas of the garden. Using garden arches as a doorway between outdoor rooms creates a sense of journey within the garden or acts as a way of drawing people towards the arch to see what lies beyond.

Garden arches also provide a vertical element within a design, providing a point of differentiation if most aspects of the design are in the horizontal plane. What is more, they provide instant height within a garden. Although planting can ultimately provide height, unless mature (and therefore costly) plants are introduced into a new garden, it will be a number of years before those plants can provide the height that a garden arch can provide.

Additionally, when placed appropriately, garden arches can be used to frame a view within the garden...or conversely, framing a view or vista beyond the boundaries of the garden.

As well as being practical, useful and attractive within a garden, arches are also one of the easiest features to erect. However, some consideration needs to be given to the size & construction of the garden arches to be used - the wrong arch in the wrong place can negatively impact upon the balance of the whole garden design and potentially end up being a waste of money. So what are the main design considerations?

1. Scale / Size

The scale and size of the garden arch must be in keeping with the garden and surroundings. For example, a huge, gold plated, highly ornate arch would be totally out of place in a modest suburban back garden, whilst conversely a 1m wide wooden garden arch would be lost and insignificant within the vast grounds of a stately home.

2. Materials

The style & material of garden arches must be in keeping with the garden itself and wider environment. Unless you're going for the designer approach, most "off the shelf" garden arches are either metal or wooden garden arches making the choice a bit easier, however, even within these categories variations are seen; metal garden arches for example can be tubular steel or cast iron amongst other things.

3. Strength / Stability

As well as design considerations, you need to consider what you will be using the arch for - not least, is it purely decorative or will you be using it as a support for climbing plants? If you are, depending on the plants to be grown, the arch must be sufficiently stable and robust to withstand the weight of plants - remember, as climbing plants grow, they can be surprisingly heavy and put significant pressures on the garden arches below, so you need to make sure that the arch you choose will be sufficiently strong.  So if you are choosing wooden garden arches, consider what width of vertical post will be required to support your plants.  And as with many things in life, with garden arches, you get what you pay if you're looking for an arch to support a growing Honeysuckle, Clematis etc. for many years to come, always go for the best arch you can afford to ensure longevity and suitability for purpose.