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Wilkinson Sword Garden Tools

Wilkinson Sword has long been one of the leading brand names for the production of quality garden tools. As you would expect from such a top brand, Wilkinson Sword garden tools & equipment are amongst the best garden tools available for both the casual gardener and the professional.

Wilkinson Sword garden tools combine traditional garden tools and with engineering technology to make the best possible product, arriving at a garden tool which is more comfortable to use and will stay looking good and working well for longer.

Wilkinson Sword garden tools are specially manufactured to be powerful, lightweight and comfortable to use. Their tools have their own unique features, designed to make their tools work harder and last longer.

At Oasis Gardening, we strive to offer these quality Wilkinson Sword garden tools & equipment at a competitive price, offering you the best possible value for money.  The Oasis Gardening garden store offers a range of Wilkinson Sword garden tools, including spades, forks, secateurs, loppers and shears.