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Green House Heaters

If you are a serious greenhouse gardener, in the winter months you will be looking for a greenhouse heater to keep your plants healthy all year round. Perhaps you want to prevent the pesky, early morning frost from ruining your yet to bloom plants or you may have a myriad of tropical and exotic plants that have to be kept warm all year round.  Either way, if you are a passionate and enthusiastic greenhouse gardener, a greenhouse heater will no doubt be on your shopping list!


Choosing a Green House Heater

Here at Oasis Gardening we know the importance of temperature control in your greenhouse environment and have an excellent range of greenhouse heaters available. Choose from an array of heaters from small, cold frame paraffin heaters suitable for heating smaller areas including cold frames, growhouses & mini greenhouses to the larger, heavy duty greenhouse paraffin heaters which are suited to heating greenhouses up to maximum of 14 square meters. Whatever your greenhouse heating requirement, Oasis Gardening are sure to have an option for you to help keep your plants in pristine condition throughout the cold winter months.


Greenhouse Accessories

The avid greenhouse gardeners out there will no doubt be looking to get the most out of your gardening efforts with useful accessories to compliment the green house heater. We, at Oasis Gardening have many greenhouse accessories available including soil thermometers for use with seed germination, electric soil warming cable with optional thermostat, reinforced greenhouse covers and free standing shelving.