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Hammock Seat Covers - 3 Seater Hammock Cover Gardman Elegance Wooden Garden Arch in Green Slim Burnished Steel Square Garden Lantern Colour Camera Bird Nest Box Trellis Corner Planter
3 Seater Hammock Cover only £29.99  Wooden Garden Arch (Green) just £39.75 Square Burnished Silver Candle Lantern 58cm £34.99  NEW Colour Camera Bird Box in Cedar Wood £71.99

NEW Gardman Corner Trellis Planter  £31.99

Gardman Walk-in Greenhouse Cover  Dog Shaped Garden Planter  Chiminea Chimenea Chimnea Burner Patio Heater  Gardman Nature Metal Garden Arch  Gardman Metal & Copper Trim Watering Can
Reinforced Cover for Gardman Walk-in Mini Greenhouse £26.99  Wooden Dog Shaped Garden Planter £27.99  Chiminea/ Chimenea Burner £80.99  NEW Gardman Nature Metal Garden Arch £68.49 NEW Metal 9L Watering Can with Copper Trim  £22.39


News & Articles

16th Feb 2012. New Arrivals

A range of Stewart electric heated propagators designed to fit an pocket and space available.

14th Dec 2011 Green House Heaters & Heated Propagators

The onset of Winter sees many gardeners move their plants under cover, either into cold frames, growhouses or the greenhouse. However, even moving plants under cover may not be sufficient in itself without a bit of extra help from a green house heater. Green house heaters are an important tool in helping your more tender plants survive the winter extremes and can be used to simply take the chill off the air or to properly heat up the space, depending upon the tenderness of your plants.  Green house heaters come in a range of sizes from a small one specifically for small cold frames, through to the larger green house heaters designed for heating larger spaces.  If you're growing your own plants from seed, a green house heater could also help you get an early start by increasing the ambient temperature within the greenhouse - talking of which...

...the New Year sees the gardening year turn full circle as people start to think about planting their flower and vegetable seeds. However, to maximise successful germination, heated propagators are the ideal tool for providing your seeds and seedlings with the perfect growing conditions. Electric heated propagators allow you to regulate the temperature within the unit, whilst vents and removable lids allow both temperature and humidity to be adjusted.  Heated propagators come in different sizes to suit all budgets as well as the space available, from a small heated propagator suitable for the beginner, through to an electric heated propagator designed to fit on a windowsill, through to a large high top heated propagator for larger spaces & plants.